Being All The Rage

PLATTSBURGH - All the Rage is - well, all the rage.

The four-man band got together last October, consisting of three brothers - Cyle, Cory and Cameron Jersey - and friend Alex Fessette.

"Ever since I was around the around the age of 15, we wanted to start a band," said Cameron. "We all had instruments as children and we all had our separate projects going on."

The four eventually came together with the help and support of the Jerseys' father, with Cyle playing guitar, Cory playing drums, Cameron on vocals and Alex on bass.

"It was timing more than anything," said Cameron. "We all just starting playing music together and it just naturally formed. Though we have been playing our instruments for years, it wasn't until that point where we were ready to start a band together."

Bands like Suicide Silence, Gucci Man, Dimmu Borgir, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorilla Zoe, and Through The Eyes Of The Dead are among the band's main influences. Their sound is what can be considered deathcore - a combination of death metal and hardcore - but they try to be "as original as possible," said Cameron.

"We feel as though we are creating our own genre by mixing in all of our individual preferences into each song," said Cameron. "We like to keep it thrashy and well-organized, with a smooth flow."

Cameron said he feels having many different musical influences has helped All the Rage stand out.

"So, instead of having one style, each song has separate styles," he said, giving the band's song "No Longer" as an example which has a lot of black metal influences versus their song "Order Up," which has more of a death metal sound to it. "We try to mix it up all the time."

The band's first gig was during open mic night at the Krazy Horse Saloon. Being a new band, the guys just wanted to "get a little practice playing live," said Cameron. Since then, they've mainly played at Coffee Camp, which Cameron credited to friend Kenn Brown.

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