A family fish tale

As most readers of this column probably know, I have an affinity for getting kids involved in the outdoors. It is especially important in these times, when the allure of electronic entertainment is far greater than the allure of lures.

I firmly believe the best method for treating an electronic addiction is to put a fishing rod in a kid's hand. A fishing rod is the ultimate Xbox detox tool. The reality of a fish fighting at the end of a line, trumps the virtual reality of Space Invaders every time.

Recently, while searching for topic for a Father's Day article, I received an unsolicited email from a source that I didn't recognize. Usually, I simply delete such messages as junk mail.

However, the email was captioned: "Our daughter's big fish." It piqued my curiosity. I opened it and saw pictures of a man hefting a large lake trout and a young lady standing next to him, beaming from ear to ear.

The note read: "I wanted to share this picture of our daughter Caitlin Keysor and her big catch. Caitlin is 15 and loves to go fishing with her dad, Dale. This fish was caught on June 3, 2010. The lake trout was caught in a "Secret" Adirondack lake and was 12 pounds and 29 inches long! She chose her lure, casted, hooked, reeled it to the boat and dad helped her net it and pull it into the boat! She is very proud of her trophy! I hope that you enjoy these pictures!, Lynn Bushey."

Now, I know there are a lot of parents that fish with their kids. And I know that many families have shared some fantastic catches. However, I figured that the photo, which was obviously taken at night, likely had an interesting back-story.

So, I contacted Lynn Bushey. As luck would have it, Lynn, originally from Saranac Lake, was scheduled to be in town for a relative's birthday party over the weekend and agreed to meet with me later that day.

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