Turning Back the Pages 6-12-10

Crops stalled by weather, stagecoach rolling

Crops are very late this season on account of the cold weather in May. Henry Ashe did, however, pick a mess of delicious green peas and dug early new potatoes from his garden.

The city people are beginning to arrive. The stage auto between Pottersville and Riparius made its first trip this season on June 27 1910.

Charlie Glassbrook of Chestertown has had his Chester-Warrensburgh stage painted and is in readiness for a brisk summer trade. He owns seven good stage horses.

Thurman desperado bushwhacked The notorious Alvin "Sam" Pasco of Thurman is in Glens Falls Hospital as the result of a bullet wound in his leg. He was shot early morning June 27, 1910 by someone in ambush behind a stone wall while walking along a road in that section of Thurman known as the Frost district.

The shooting was evidently carefully planned. Pasco, who had been staying with Eugene Frost for the past three months, was in the habit of making an early morning trip from his boarding place to one of Frost's lots where he was pasturing a yoke of steers and a couple of colts.

At 5 o'clock a.m., Pasco was walking along one of the three roads that branch to the north above Ransom Wilsey's place when a shot was fired and he fell to the ground, face downward. The bullet struck him in the right leg near the hip joint and came out near the groin.

Pasco's calls for help were heard by Myron Kenyon, living below Wilsey's, who ran toward the distress calls when he met Pasco limping along. Edward Frost brought the wounded man to Warrensburgh and Dr. Griffin gave him temporary treatment after he had made a deposition before Justice Hodgson. Pasco walked from the doctor's office to board a trolly for Glens Falls to seek aid at the hospital. In his affirmed statement he said Ransom Wilsey shot him as he saw Wilsey walking toward his barn after the shooting with something in his hand, possibly a gun or a crowbar.

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