Did you know the North Country SPCA has a Facebook Page? On our page you can find postings from community members, pictures of events and pets, and general information about the shelter. If you haven't added us to your Facebook group list, now is the time to become an online member! And if you are the proud owner of a former shelter resident, here is a great place for you to share pictures of your new family member.

Our best source of online information about the NCSPCA and shelter news is our website, www.ncspca.org. On the website, we have all the answers to your questions about volunteering, adopting a pet, news related to rescued pets, and reprints of Pawprints issues.

Our featured pet today is Snow White, a sweet young Tabby-Tortoiseshell-mix who has a vivid coat of stripes and splotches. She is an inquisitive, affectionate cat who likes to be near her family and may follow you from room to room with her long tair curled in the air like a question mark. She has the sweet-n-innocent personality of her namesake, with big golden eyes that will capture your heart. Snow White would love to live in a home without too much activity, where she can lavish attention on her special someone.

At this time, we have approximately 48 cats residing at the shelter who need homes. Several of these are kittens of various ages. We also have 12 dogs, including Rosie and Lilly, our two "Golden Girls" from last week. Please stop by at 23 Lakeshore Road in Westport to meet all of them!

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