Sex in the City 2

Mom doesn't like cussin'. I should say, she doesn't like certain cusses. So I screen first run films she might be interested in seeing for cussin content. I saw Jeff Bridges movie "Crazy Heart" recently and gave it a clean bill of cuss. Mom went, liked it, but took issue with some of "the language", as she calls cussin'. I watched it again, and sure enough, there were a number of mom's unwanted-type cusses sprinkled throughout.

Last night, I screened "Sex in the City 2" and will give mom the green light to go view. She won't like some of the front-take cusses in the movie, but she'll be forewarned. Front-take cusses are different then "flow" type cusses, like the ones from "Crazy Heart". In CH, the cussin is appropriate to the character doing the cussin, and flows naturally within the situation. In SITC 2, the cussin may be appropriate to the character doing the cussin, but it doesn't flow natural within the situation. It seems forced. "Front take" cusses I notice, "flow" type cusses I don't notice. Does that make sense?

I'm getting off point a little. All I really want to say is, I liked SITC 2.

The brand is solid, and the filmmakers stay well within what the brand can display. The characters are well defined, and the actresses are strong, especially Sarah Jessica Parker. Watching her is a treat. You are interested in what goes on with her story-no matter what she's trying to play, you believe her.

The other gals are good too, but Sarah owns the franchise, which of course isn't any giant revelation is it? A movie does not have to be a world changer for me to enjoy it. If you think you relate to me regarding what I look for when I simply want to be entertained by a movie, than I recommend "Sex in the City 2," especially if you're a single middle-aged guy. What? Yup.

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