Turning Back the Pages 6-5-10

(The Woolen Mill was on the lot on Milton Ave. where Tioga Construction Co. now has their equipment stored in preparation of building a new Woolen Mill bridge. The Viele Pond Club was a camp located on the summit of Harrington Hill.)

Fishing trip ends in disaster

Mrs. James H. Wilsey, who with her husband conducts the Pinegrove farmhouse, eight miles north of Warrensburgh, and her guest, Mrs. Fred G. Stewart of Philadelphia, decided to go fishing in Tripp Pond adjoining the Wilsey farm.

The ladies put out in the Wilsey row boat and 20 feet from shore they attempted to change places in the boat. The boat overturned and threw both of them into about 11 feet of water. Their cries for help brought Mr. Stewart and John Tennyson running from the Wilsey barn on the main road and they had to go around to the end of the pond to get the Tennyson boat to put out in. There were no oars to be found and they ripped off a seat to make a paddle.

Mrs. Wilsey had gone down twice but managed to cling to the overturned boat. Mrs. Stewart was still in the water and was towed ashore by the rescuers. The ladies feel very fortunate to have escaped drowning.

Lady found badly injured

Mrs. George W. Howland of Ketchum's Corners fell down stairs while carrying a lighted lamp. The breaking of the chimney nearly severed her ear and she was rendered unconscious. The fire burned itself out after a time. The woman is suffering from shock and loss of blood. She was found an hour after the accident by the neighbors.

Uninvited Guest

A fine deer was seen near the residence of J.Q. Adams in Knowelhurst (near Stony Creek) one morning recently. They get more shy as soon as the hunters get after them.

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