Start your day with breakfast

Unfortunately, far too many of us take an open-faced approach to nutrition - we skip breakfast. Plain and simple, if you're skipping breakfast, there can be no perfect lunch. Here's what happens when we don't eat breakfast.

We need calories for energy, and when we don't fill up the tank to start the day, we're forced to run on the fumes of last night's dinner. When we skip breakfast, we average 18 hours - 3/4 of a day - without sound nutrient replenishment. Noon finally rolls around and we consume anywhere between 500 and 1,000 calories.

Over the course of the next several hours our bodies then trudge through all this food - usually extremely high fat food - demanding most of our energy to metabolize it.

When we skip breakfast, there is still a metabolic process taking place. But, instead of the traditional process - calories converted to energy - this food-deprived metabolic process robs stored nutrients from our bodies. But isn't this a great way to lose fat? In a word, NO. Although fat cells are one victim, nutrients from muscle fiber, bones and other soft tissues are also depleted. The result? A weakened body.

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