Clinton Community College helping upward spiral

"The segue from workforce development to economic development is a very natural one," said Jablonski, "because if we continue to demonstrate that we have a ready workforce, an educated workforce, a well-trained workforce especially in these areas of new and emerging technologies, we become, as a region, a more attractive place for companies like Bombardier, NovaBus, Schluter Systems, Georgia Pacific, Akrimax. The list goes on and on."

The fact businesses such as those have already set up shop in the North Country is a promising sign, said Jablonski.

"That leads me to believe those companies saw something in the way of potential here," he said.

Clinton Community College's role in creating a brighter future for the region, he said, is to continue to do what it has done in its more than 40 years of existence - educating students.

"That's what we do," said Jablonski. "It's what [SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher] has reffered to as 'The Power of SUNY' ... We educate students in degree and certificate programs many of those are highly-relevant to new and emerging technologies."

The best part, said Jablonski, is that Clinton Community College is already well-known and well-respected for its role as a provider of higher education.

"We're not starting from zero," said Jablonski. "It's not like we're building a community college out of nothing. And, it's not like we're establishing a city or a town or a county or a region. We have a lot of things that are already resources, that if we use them well, can help us to create this brighter future."

"We have no illusion that Clinton Community College is going to transform the community all on its own," he added. "But, we can sure make a large contribution."

For information about Clinton Community College and its course offerings, contact the college's admissions office at 562-4170 or 1-800-552-1160. More information may be found on-line at www.clinton.edu.

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