Athol-Thurman 6-5-10

Observations on small-town life sought

What makes a small community like Thurman so very special? Answer this question and write it up for the John Thurman Historical Society publication, The Quarterly.

Society members want others to hear your opinions on the attributes and advantages of growing up here, and the details of what makes small-town life more rewarding than living in a city or village.

Only a few words or more from some of our readers will help the historical society in preparing an article.

Whether it's merely the opportunity to see a turtle acrossing the highway, or hear the many woodland birds singing, or listening to the chorus of toads in the spring, all your observations will be appreciated. Send your thoughts to 168 Garnet Lake Road, Warrensburg, NY, 12885.

Community sale drew many from afar

Thurman's Townwide Sale on May 14 through 16 saw many visitors and shoppers coming in from several states and far-away towns. People were very happy to find such a variety of sale items and commented on how friendly the residents were. Many here who set up sales were very pleased with the results, and were glad that they had been included on the maps. The Sale committee expresses thanks everyone who stepped in to help.

Donations intercepted by town government?

A reader called in a question this week: If someone sends in a donation to a specific local organization, like the fire compan,. the emergency squad, the town sale committee, or even the cemetery fund, who gets the contribution? Too many rumors are floating around that insinuate that the town is holding all funds. The next town board meeting is on Tuesday June 15, this would be the place to get your concerns out in the open.

(Editor's Note: If money is sent in to an independent organization -- and all these groups have charters independent of town government, then it is the agency that administers the donations, not the town. The town government, however, has withheld its traditional payment to the Thurman Emergency Medical Services pending its full financial disclosures.)

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