Turning Back the Pages 7-31-10

Murderer on the lam

Deputy Sheriff William Hackett of Glens Falls, returned Saturday July 30, 1910 from Raquette Lake where he went to identify a young man who was thought to be Frank Ciliberto, the slayer of young Jennie LaFountain, 16, who was shot on June 12, 1910 in Glens Falls.

The suspect proved to be a young Frenchman, but the authorities at Raquette Lake are not to be blamed for believing that he was Ciliberto as he is the living image of the Italian murderer.

(Note: The complete story of this incident was retold in this column on July 10.)

Sam is back in town

Alvin "Sam" Pasco, of Thurman, who has been confined to the Glens Falls Hospital since June 7, 1910 as the result of a bullet wound in his leg, was in Warrensburgh on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 1910. He made the trip from Glens Falls on the trolley, returning the same afternoon to the hospital, where he expects to remain a week or two longer before being discharged. The wound has not yet thoroughly healed.

(Note: The complete story of this strange shooting was told on June 12, 2010 in this column.)

Little girl's death a mystery

The death of Bertha Reneaud, 7, of Whitehall, whose headless, armless and feetless body was taken from Lake Champlain on Saturday, July 30, 1910, was due to drowning.

The coroner's theory was that contact with the paddle wheels of an excursion steamer which came into the harbor on Friday, had doubtless torn away the head, arms and feet. Dynamiting of the lake while it was being searched is another theory advanced to account for the body's condition. Some suspicion of foul play has been entertained.

Free to love again

Samuel Pickett, formerly of Hudson Falls, was acquitted of a charge of murdering his wife at a term of Supreme Court in Salem during winter 1909. On July 28, 1910, he married Miss Edna Kenyon of Glens Falls.

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