Record-breaking aircraft is star attraction

"It took me 10 years to build the Venture," Corey said. "I worked on it at various airports around Vermont. Its top speed is 300 mph or 240 kts. It's a very efficient aircraft holding 80 gallons of aviation fuel."

During the 2008 banner flight, Corey flew with onboard oxygen and cruised high, in the kingdom of jets, to avoid turbulence and bad weather. During most of the 7 hour flight in 2008, Corey took the plane to its ceiling at 28,000 feet above sea level.

"The coast-to-coast flight was very comfortable with no problems," Corey said. "The cabin layout made it comfortable; it includes two, side-by-side seats and a rear baggage space. Having the smallest possible airframe also makes it a highly streamlined design. This gets you good long-range performance," he said.

After inspecting his friend's plane and catching up on news in Middlebury, Corey climbed into the Venture and winged his way back to his home base approximately 89 miles away-estimated time of arrival? How does 26 minutes, 42 seconds sound?

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