Garden Corner 7-24-10

We just had a week devoted to invasive species education. I asked Emily DeBolt from Lake George Association to come tour our garden and discuss possible problems we might have at the Ski Bowl. Emily owns a native plant nursery and she is the educator for LGA.

I was pretty sure we had a few problems. One of them is cork bark, or burning bush. There were two plants near the old Ski Bowl building we had moved to the garden and I had planted four others around the fence. I had Youth Works workers remove them last Wednesday. We also had a honeysuckle I had planted from the woods and had bushed out into a very pretty shrub that is now gone.

That was all Emily found in the garden, but as we surveyed the surrounding area she spotted some spotted knapweed. This is the pretty, but straggly pink-lavender flower found all over the sides of the road. We removed what we found near the garden.

Finally, there are Russian Olive trees that had been planted before it was known to be so invasive. They are located on the road into the Ski Bowl. We found three places this pest has invaded already. I am hoping to get town permission to remove these bushes and replace them with something that is more environmentally friendly.

Now that we have cleaned up our act, I would like to encourage all of you to go on the Internet and look for Adirondack Invasive Species. There are pretty good pictures and lots of information. If we can keep these out of our own backyard, at least we are trying to do our part.

Gardening is a continuing education. There is so much to learn. It is ever-changing.

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