Changing the way they do business

PLATTSBURGH - For the last four months, things have gotten a little greener at Hulbert Bros. Inc.

Showroom manager Allison Hulbert-Bruce said the business has been looking to for little ways to help the planet.

"It's something that the president Dale Miner and I feel very strongly about," she said. "We just both like to think along the liens of products that are earth-friendly and doing things that are going to be more environmentally-friendly."

One big initiative was to recycle all white paper and magazines and catalogues.

In a weeks time, Hulbert-Bruce said it's not uncommon to fill a 55-gallon drum of white paper.

"That's just for the office itself," she said.

By making the change, Hulbert-Bruce said it not only helps the environment, but the business as well.

"As we reduce the amount of trash that we generate as a business, then we might be able to downsize the size of the dumpster that we have to lease from the trash company," she said.

In terms of magazines, Hulbert-Bruce said that was a large amount of their trash before.

"We get a lot of trade magazines here," she explained. "Six or seven people may have a subscription to the same magazine, and so all of those people are then just reading them and throwing them away."

For catalogues, Hulbert-Bruce said any time a product catalogue is revised, they have to throw out all their old ones, as they will not longer be current.

To dispose of the paper and magazines, the business contracted with a man who picks up the paper and brings it to a recycling center.

Hulbert Bros. Inc. is not only being earth-friendly within the business, but also in the products they sell.

"Our business, in general, is very much turning toward water conservation, because we're in plumbing and heating," Hulbert-Bruce said. "We sell a tremendous amoutn of products that are environmentally-friendly."

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