Around Town 7-17-10

Other townsfolk have also left their posts Thurman has been on the front page of the daily paper so often lately that I'm sure people from a wide area now know where Thurman is located.

The simultaneous resignation of the town supervisor and his deputy are the talk of the region. But these are not the only folks who threw in the towel this year and left their elected and appointed positions.

Besides town board member Jim Ligon and Supervisor Lawrence "Red" Pitkin leaving office, there have been several others exiting recently: former town Historian Robin Croissant, former Tax Collector Eileen Baker, Town Secretary and Bookkeeper Susan Sheplar, Secretary Nancy Beadnell, town Cemetery Committee member Robin Croissant -and more who have resigned positions to health problems or family matters. There's also Maria Ligon, the dedicated member of the Youth Commission who brought us all those great parties this year - she was voted off the panel by the town board.

Gone are the days when one trusted person held the same position for years and years. Why? Now the same citizens demand influence and control over how civic organizations or town business is run or how events are held in town - or at least they want to air their gripes about it. Are their opinions better than the old way of doing things? Maybe. But it doesn't appear any better with so many resignations occurring over the past year.

I think back to the years when the late Jean Reynolds organized and ran the Jack Wax Party, planned the Children's Christmas Party, helped with the Old Home Days Celebration, and for a few years was a Girl Scout Leader, a tax collector and organized the annual Christmas Bazaar. She did so much more in planning for this town and was well-liked. Others did not air criticisms or try to undermine her work.

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