Willsboro 7/17

We know that at Christmas time we reassure Virgini there is a Santa Claus. This past week, we were assured "good samaritans" do exist and they live in our community.

Scott Sayward lost his wallet really witout knowing it, when he had a knock at his front door, where Bonnie and Roger Crowningshield had found it in the road and returned it to him. He was so grateful; you know how much of who we are is in our wallet. The story does not stop there as, a day or two later, the mail carrier brought him a card that had fallen from his wallet. So, you see, it is a great community to live in. Thanks for your kindness.

It was another very busy weekend with a baby shower for Amie Boardman at her family's home. Her grandmother, Bev Sodaro, was able to attend. A wedding shower was held at Noblewood for the Jessica Martin who is engaged to Matt Sayward. Fun was had by all that attended both events. There will be a wedding in the Garvey family as Lindsay is soon to be married. Another big event was the celebration of Dorothy Perkett's 95th birthday. It was really in April, but more could get together now, so she had 94 family and friends gather at her home on Sunset Drive for a great time together.

The Willsboro Heritage Society had a wonderful evening program this past Friday; the subject was shipwrecks on Lake Champlain. The speaker was Adam Kane from the Maritime Museum; he was most informative and presented a very interesting program. A follow-up program was a boat trip a few days later that took participants out on the lake and to see the sunken ships on a large screen.

Happy Birthday: Mary Gload 7/18, Kim Feeley 7/19, Larry Allen 7/21, Millie Cross 7/24. Happy Anniversary: Bob and Arlene Bigelow 7/18, Curt and Lisa Boardman 7/18, Dick and Madeline Blanchard 7/22.

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