Essex 7/17

The Firecracker Fun Run had huge turnouts in both the adult and kid races July 3. More than 50 adults and 40 youngsters ran in their respective classes. The kids got the better part of the deal: free ice cream cones for participating. In no particular order, the race sponsors would like to thank Frank Hain, Frank Walls, Meredith Hanna, Mo and Peg Ecclesine, Art Morgan, Billie Vanderhorst and Wayne Bailey.

On Tuesday, July 20, at the Essex Community Church, physical therapist Brian Trzaskos will give a talk on health and meditation. The talk is at 7 p.m. and refreshments will be served. Brian is a gifted therapist who saved my rotator cuffs from eternal pain and misery. By the way, his last name is pronounced "razz-kos".

A large yellow excavator arrived last week and started clearing land for the sewage treatment plant driveway. Ginny and I stopped to watch the roaring machine do its work as it gracefully and rapidly uprooted trees and brush, making piles for the wood chipper. The plan is to build the treatment plant first, then start with the collection system. There probably won't be any work in the village streets until this fall. I spoke to the contractor's inspector, who said they'd like to save as many big pines as they can around the plant site. They want to be good neighbors and avoid problems with local land owners as much as possible.

In other construction news, work will be starting on the kitchen this week at the Essex Inn. Or do you call it the Yellow Hotel? At any rate, the kitchen is going into the open space behind the main building, and the owners hope to have a "soft" opening for the business later this fall. The hotel should be fully open next spring.

A sharp-eyed reader, a real journalist in fact, took me to task for errors in my last column. He correctly noted that July 12 was not a Saturday (sorry, scrabble contestants) and that if a bird of prey drops its lunch, it would not be empty-handed, but empty-taloned. Keep your comments and news coming; I do appreciate them.

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