Library fundraising campaign aims to raise $125,000

CHAZY - In November 2009, trustees of the Chazy Public Library signed a resolution to accept the office space willed to them by Dr. George Clark. Now, they are looking to the community to help them make the transition.

The trustees have began a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising at least $125,000 toward a $250,000 matching grant.

"If we don't have the money, we can't apply for the matching grant," explained board secretary Tina Trombly.

The first fundraising effort by the trustees included writing letters to businesses and individuals in the town.

"The community has been very generous," Trombly said. "Basically, it was an appeal through this letter-writing campaign to let them know that one, Dr. Clark had willed us his office building and that we had accepted it as a gift and that we needed to raise money."

Through the letter-writing, the library has already received $14,000 in donations, just since March.

However, Trombly figures with the donations promised by some donors, the amount of money towards the grant is actually much higher.

"We have one lady who is donating $20,000 for a room in the library," explained Trombly. "I think we're somewhere in the ballpark of $90,000."

The next plan the trustees have come up with for the campaign is "Book 'Em for the Library."

Ten community members will aim to raise $500 each, culminating at Old Home Days later this month.

"They have to try to raise bail money because they have overdue books," laughed Trombly. "If they haven't made all of their bail ... at Old Home Days we're going to try to finish off and try to finish getting their bail money."

The idea for this campaign came because the trustees felt the need to "branch out."

"Chazy's such a small community," Trombly said. "We can't tap them dry. So, we thought we can always branch out a bit. These people may have friends in other areas."

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