Lake George invader discovered

"Purple loosestrife, phragmites, shrubby honeysuckle and Japanese knotweed are invasive species that have been targeted for management activities in the Adirondacks for several years now," said DeBolt. "We already have more than our share of Oriental bittersweet, burning bush, and Japanese barberry around Lake George, but wall lettuce is one that I was not familiar with.

"Additional newer species that are we need to be on the lookout for as they start to make inroads into Adirondacks are swallowwort, yellow iris, Japanese stiltgrass, flowering rush, and lesser celandine," she said. "We need to keep our eyes out for these as well."

For more information, contact the LGA at 668-3558 or visit the LGA website at www.lakegeorgeassociation.org.

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