Lovin' in a lonely land

The skinny white boy couldn't know what ma's and pa's relationship was really like, but that didn't matter. That the skinny white boy's needs were always cared for, a by product of ma's and pa's disciplined relationship and fundamental rearing; that mattered.

The skinny white boy believed-well beneath his core-that his type of home life was the good life, and the only life. He thought every family in the world opened presents on Christmas morning.

What that type of home life is happens to be the type that can set you up for a charmed life. What that type of home life is not, is the type that teaches you how to pick up women for potential easy lovin'. And here now-at almost 50 years old and without a wife and kids-easy lovin' is the only lovin' there is.

I can't seem to navigate well through this meeting between the pretty girl and myself. But reader, don't give up hope, the story continues.

To be continued.

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