Mill Creek Musings 7-3

A Tale of Two Kitties

My new favorite animated character is the emerald-eyed cat in the Cat's Eye Pest Control commercial. He's so macho! When he picks up the mice by their tails and swings them around, he reminds me of a cowboy twirling his six-guns. He's also an expert in ant control. The three ants, chomping on wood, don't stand a chance against "Cat's Eye." He's "The Best of the Best to get rid of your pests." It must be nice to be so self assured.

We've had a little pest problem this spring. Our driveway is full of ant hills, and we've been killing both large and small ants indoors. Also, some critter took down one of the bird feeders and left it empty in back of the house. We never saw the culprit.

Since the Harrington Road Bridge has been out, we get only local traffic. A neighbor remarked with the decrease in vehicles we might see more wildlife. I'm always eager to see animals. Sometimes I get carried away.

As Tweety Bird would say, "I taw a putty tat" last week. It was lurking in the tall grass on the far end of our meadow. I didn't know of any neighbor with a yellow cat. After three or four days it had grown in my imagination. I had just about convinced myself that what I saw was an immature bobcat or young mountain lion. Yesterday, I saw it again, this time walking down the road. It is just an ordinary domestic cat. I'll have to forget about mountain lion sightings.

However, a moose would be nice!

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