Turning Back The Pages 7-3-10

Fourth of July quiet except at racetrack

Independence Day was observed in Warrensburgh with less noise than usual. The Fourth of July falling on Monday, many folks took advantage of the extra day by visiting friends in other places. Large numbers enjoyed a sail through Lake George. The only attraction in town was the horse race on the Warrensburgh Fairgrounds track, which drew a fair-sized crowd.

Parrot said 'Goodbye' and flew away

A parrot owned by Miss Maude Cunningham, with beautiful plumage and a fluent tongue, is at liberty somewhere around the village and Miss Cunningham requests its return to her home on Main St., Warrensburgh.

Fred Cunningham, who presented the bird to his sister, is home for a few days visit and on July 6, 1910 he released the bird from its cage to give it exercise, supposing it was sufficiently attached to its home to remain on the premises. He was dead wrong!

The Parrot decided to see something of the world and promptly flew to the top of a big tree shouting at the top of his more-or-less melodious lungs, "Good-bye, good-bye." After flitting joyfully from tree to tree, frustrating all attempts to capture it, the bird finally disappeared. There is a reward for his capture.

(Note: the historic Cunningham house, built in 1850, stood until 2000 on the corner of Main and Stewart Farrar Avenue, on property which is now in a designated historic district - a plot which local citizens are today trying to save from commercial development.)

Motorcar travel has its risks

While motoring July 3, 1910 from near Minerva in an automobile owned by Newcomb liveryman John Hall, the machine in which Hall's son and three other men were riding near Minerva ran into and killed a large buck. The occupants were thrown from the car, which hit a railing, and the impact sent the men down a steep embankment and into a creek below. They escaped injury by a very narrow margin.

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