My journey to the half-marathon

(Editors Note: Martha Breyette of Saranac is on a 14-week goal to get in shape to compete in the inaugural City of Plattsburgh Half Marathon, Sunday, April 18. Breyette will share her trials and tribulations in this newspaper through a weekly journal entry.)

Week Two

So, here I am through week two. I have received a lot of positive reinforcement from my article; friends and family have shown their support in helping me achieve this goal.

I am starting to see some small physical changes. I have lost a few pounds and am mentally getting stronger all the time. I ran another four miles this week and didn't have any breathing issues. I did encounter my first real-life hurdle - scheduling time for exercise. I had a conflict with my exercise time and something else. Normally I would have cancelled the exercise but this time I worked my way through it so I could still exercise. I felt so good about staying on track. I am definitely looking at this day by day so it doesn't become overwhelming.

I am also learning that eating things like bran cereal or wheat toast is just as good as white bread and better for me. I think for me it is the small changes every day that are helping me to stick with it. The other motivating factor is I have had a few people tell me they are signing up for more exercise too because I make it seem possible! That is so exciting.

Do something for yourself as you deserve!

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