Health report 2010

Obesity among adults has doubled since 1980, while overweight among adolescents has tripled. Only 3 percent of all Americans meet at least four of the five federal Food Guide Pyramid recommendations. Forty percent of adults engage in no leisure-time physical activity at all. Weight loss, while the long term goal, should not be the initial goal of a successful return to a health/obesity reduction program. The first results should be: increased energy, better thinking power, sleep better, an added spring to the step, in general feeling better. Bodyfat reduction is the best true guideline, rather than weight loss. Many of our current popular diet programs promote weight loss, but with bodyfat percentages increasing and health risks increasing with these weight loss programs. We can see the results of the last few decades of dieting. Arthritis, diabetes, hypertension are for the most created by a few years of poor eating. Modern medicine can keep us alive longer, it's up to us to improve the quality of those years.

Remember the above was written almost 10 years ago and obesity figures have only increased since then. No longer can it be assumed that only the unlucky few get these preventable conditions and it's just the luck of the draw. Even heredity might not play the part that many believe. What a difference healthy eating and moderate activity could make. We as individuals need to take responsibility for what we ingest and our activity levels. The old adage move it or lose it has proven very true.

Wanda Sykes in a recent comedy routine joked about health care reform, saying that she's for it but apparently some aren't. Adding that it should be for everyone, well.....everyone except competitive eaters because "if you eat 65 hot dogs in 20 minutes and your hearts stops beating....then that's on you." Well, that and I'd have to add if you eat poison and junk every day for the majority of your eating, well maybe that's on you. Until the majority of the population, rather than the minority, understand and practice a healthy lifestyle, insurance can never be affordable.

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