Green up America' - Have your house checked for heat loss

KEESEVILLE - With the tight economy and oil prices on the rise, now is the time to make sure your house is keeping in as much heat as possible.

According to John Burke, owner of Heat Loss Solutions, using infrared imaging on a home can determine where your heat is going.

"No house is immune to losing some heat," he explained.

Burke uses "infrared thermography," a military-derived technology which measures thermal energy emitted from an object. He has a special camera which takes photos of a house at night. Depending on what color shows up on the infrared image, will determine where the "hot spots" are.

"I shoot the entire house," Burke said. "What I focus on is any problem area and I will shoot that and record it."

"It gives you temperature variations. It gives you an actual picture showing you the heat loss," he added.

When Burke comes to your house, he said he will actually have the owner come outside with him while he shoots the house.

"The customer can come out with me and actually look at the camera and see where his heat is going," he said.

As well as his money. Burke explained by having him come out and use his camera to detect heat loss, many dollars can be saved.

"Keep the heat in your home," said Burke. "Turn down the thermostat because you no longer call for that much heat, and save money."

His services are also tax-deductible, as government money is currently being given out to people working to save energy.

After Burke helps you detect where you're losing heat, in many cases the problems can be fixed simply with caulking or weather stripping. In other cases, more money may need to be spent with replacement windows and doors. However, once the work is fixed on the home, Burke will come back to your house, free of charge, to make sure there are no other places losing heat.

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