Athol-Thurman 1-30-10

Emergency Squad seeking teenage volunteers

The Thurman Emergency Squad is planning on starting a junior squad for those over age 14 who would like to become a volunteer and help out with emergency medical services in our community.

Volunteering for an ambulance corps is seen as a good introduction for youth into the world of health care services; plus, teens can help provide a vital service upon which we all depend. Call 623-9014 and leave your name and phone number and you will be notified.

The Thurman Emergency Squad held an election of officers recently and taking seats for 2010 are Captain George McKinney, Captain; First Assistant Captain, John Kindred; Second Assistant Captain, Robert Russell; President, Jim Desourdy; Vice President, Rick Ovitt; Secretary, Scott Mosher; Treasurer, Ann Lloyd; and Directors Ed Castro and Becky Desourdy.

The next meeting of the Thurman Emergency Medical Services will be at 6 p.m. Sunday Feb. 14. All meetings are open to the public.

Over the fence

Here it is mid Jan. as I write this and we were supposed to experience a January thaw Monday with temperatures going to the mid 30s, but it's well over 40 degrees. We've got a lot of rain coming down - we need canoes and not snowshoes up here - and much of this precipitation is freezing up on the roads and driveways.

The snowbanks are getting much thinner, and so are our wallets with property tax bills due and the electric bills, which went through the roof with the recent cold spell - which is expected to return Friday.

So if you find your family getting financially stressed, remember we do have a food pantry at the town hall, open during regular office hours. You can contact them at 623-9649.

If anyone needs assistance to get to their doctor appointments, or other errands, call Marilyn and she will try to help 623-9710 or get help for you.

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