Women's Club's Tree of Remembrance

The Ludlow Okemo Valley Women's Club would like to thank all the people who purchased a bulb on the Tree of Remembrance to honor or remember a loved one:

These are the names to be remembered: Tina Kaye, Frank DeLuca, John Deluca, Isabelle DeLuca, Carole DeLuca, Craig Suadolce, Marie Owen, Jeannie Sudolce, Trina Sullivan, Lena Sullivan, Frank Sullivan, Theresa Phillips, Bill Phillips, Bridget Phillips, Anthony Phillips, Agnes Sullivan, The Chiusano and Fuller Families,Fred Jelly, Raymond Clark, Robert Rohrig, Maynard Hendrickson, Elsie Hendrickson, William Tucker, Helen Tucker, David Stearns, Lara Suzanne Foster, Edwin & Doris Stowell, Ralph & Elva Davis, Shirley Gray, John & Norene Lockwood, Dick & Rose Cunningham, Nicky, Coco, Mickey Higgins, Helen Strucks, Ed Higgins, Sue O'Connor, Annette Taplin, Jeannie Brinegar, Laurel Tucker, Nancy Gilmour, George Shaw, Jeff Blish, Laurie Arinello, Ellsworth & Dorothy Davis, Harold & Mary Bragg, Roy & Leta Davis, Gardner & Laura Ripley, Harley & Ida Bragg, Leon & Mary Shabbott, Helen Seward, George Matulonis, Violet Matulonis, Kelly Sanderson, Nick Gulli, Helen & Herb Borgogno, John & Agnes Jakominich, Joe Milazzo, Yolanda Digianvittorio, Harley & Mary Parrish, Saxon & Eveline Holt, Ralph & Eleanor Bellino, Silvio & Mary DelMastro, Thomas & Frances Dempsie, Sandra Prokop, George & Minnie Bennett, Paul Caravatt, Herbert M. VanGuilder, Bertie Preson, Eugene & Felicia VanGuilder, Florence Henderson, Walter Ahonen, Emma Rogers, Lois Martel, Lenora "Toots" Gagnon, Leonard Rogers, Gloria Rogers, Dorothy Rogers, Shirley Valliers Gilbert, Dorothy Winslow, Theresa VanGuilder, Peggy Sheehan, Jeanne Wheeler, Jim Merrill, John Emerson, Raoul "Sonny" Jacobsen, Ballard Hobart Post 36 & Auxiliary, Carol & Carl Martin, Real Lusier, Neil Briggs, Taimi Northland, Aaron Cavoto. Barbara Close, Michael Cristini, Dr Jack & Mary Tope, John & Amelia Ciufo, William & Esther Wortman, Tony Ciufo, Angelo Ciufo, Ina Wortman Evans, Michael & Rita Langello, Michele Llangello Hughes, Victor Ciufo, Richard & Josephine Pitts, Frank Mecheski, Don O Williams, Gladys Williams, Martin O'Connor, Cora Anderson Harrison, Leonard MacDonald, Albert & Mildred Ellis, Erin Paige Stinson, George E. Dever, Oscar & Marguerite Bryant, Roy Bryant, Kim Bryant, Evalyn Bryant.

In Honor of: Denise, Brian Crossman, Maria Serra, Bill Gilmour, Beth, Betty Gilmour, Scott, Jennifer Kesse, Rita Higgins, Kathy Doyle, Margaret & Dean R. Browm Jr. , John Schultz, Ballard Hobart Post 36 Auxiliary, Bernice M VanGuilder, Jane & Robert Buswell, Dave Martin, Amy Williams, Beth Ann Willilams, Gregory Williams, Sgt Jason O'Connor, Jennifer Craig, Joyce, Steven Lampher and Bailey.

Also we would like to thank the Ludlow Electric Co. for all the help and support they give us, I don't know what we would do without them.

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