Willsboro 1/23

Even though the disaster in Haiti is a half a world away from us, due to the TV coverage, we all feel a part of how tragic this is for the people who live there and those in rescue services. We feel helpless to assist, but we are learning that even if we can only share a little amount, it will be most helpful; a true gift from the heart is always welcome and we have much to be thankful for in this country.

Our houses are fast returning to normal and the holiday decorations are once again stored away. The retail world already is moving on with Valentines and Easter items out for sale. I guess in some ways this helps us to think that spring may not be all that far away. The last few days the snow is melting in the driveways and off the roofs. It feels like a January thaw. I keep hearing of many who are taking advantage of the convenient flights to the warmer climates out of the Plattsburgh Air Port. Another sign of spring is to witness the heating up of interested persons running for political offices, in the County and State. Some are around looking for our support to get on the ticket of their party.

I was invited to visit the Willsboro Central School's senior class this past week to review a project they have been working on along with other chosen area schools. They have researched and put together history of who we are as a community. The finished product will become a chapter in a larger printed work. This is a very impressive group of students; it has been a personal joy to witness their growing into responsible adults.

The senior class will be taking their annual class trip to California at the Spring break. One of the students, Tara Robare will not be going with them; she has chosen to join the Mission Team from the North Country Mission of Hope on their trip to Nicaragua in February. She has a deep feeling of wanting to witness first-hand how others live and lend a hand in making things better. Each person on this trip has to earn and pay for their own expenses, she would welcome any gifts people would like to offer, any amount above her personal expenses will go toward projects on this trip.

Belated Birthday Greetings to two great ladies Lucy Belzile 1/13, and Rita Devan 1/19. Present greetings to Lara Belzile 1/23, Chad Strong 1/24, Ron Hammel 1/25, Chilton McPheeters 1/25.

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