Thief taken into custody

John Burleigh, who for the past few months has been evading the county officials, was arrested Jan. 13, 1910 by Deputy Dougrety of Glens Falls and is lodged in the city lock-up.

Burleigh is alleged to have stolen several hundred pounds of wool from the Warrensburgh Woolen Company (now 18 Milton Ave. location) last October, 1909. Shortly after the robbery had been discovered, Charles Preston of Glens Falls was arrested in connection with the crime. His testimony implicated Burleigh as the guilty party, but upon police going to his residence, Burleigh was found to have left the city.

Preston testified at the trial as having gone to Warrensburgh in company with Burleigh, ignorant of any criminal intentions. He was left to watch the horse and later drove Burleigh and several bags, not knowing what was in them, to Glens Falls, where the wool was disposed of. He was given $5. Preston was later given a suspended sentence by the court.

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