This week, instead of featuring only one pet, we have three wonderful animals to tell you about! All of these pets have a lot to offer - one of them may be the perfect match to become your newest family member. Rio, Tasha, and Sharon are hoping to beat the winter blues by sharing their big hearts with you!

Rio, a huge, Russian Blue "look-alike", is totally grey with intense golden eyes and extra toes to go with his larger-than-life personality. Rio is a Hemingway Polydactyl with huge paws and a desire to be the boss. He was found outside someone's home and seems to be equally comfortable whether inside or out. Rio is looking for a home where he can be in charge, and in return, warm your lap on cold nights and entertain you with his playful ways.

Tashia, a year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepard-Mix, is a gentle soul who gives never-ending slobbery kisses. She likes to nudge you with her wet nose or put her head in your lap when she wants your love and attention. When she wants to go for a walk, she will paw you gently to make sure you know she is there. Tashia is a high-energy dog who will make an excellent door greeter, keep you in shape, and warm your feet on cold nights. Tasha gets bored easily so she would be a great match for a family who can give her lots of attention.

Sharon has been with us for awhile, and she is a different cat from the young lady she was when she first arrived. Initially, this beautiful tortoiseshell girl was fearful of everyone who came around her. She is now much more sociable, enjoying gentle attention when there is not too much commotion around. She is now "roommates" with another cat she befriended, and would do well in a home with other cats. She prefers to be around adults and does not like dogs very much!

No matter what your family situation, or how many other pets you may already have, the NCPCA has a pet who will adapt well to becoming a member of your home. Each of our animals has a unique story and personality. Our shelter staff are always happy to help you find the best match to become your new best friend!

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