My journey to the half-marathon

(Editors Note: Martha Breyette of Saranac is on a 14-week goal to get in shape to compete in the first half-marathon in Plattsburgh, Sunday, April 18. Breyette will share her trials and tribulations in this newspaper through a weekly journal entry.)

Week One

As I start to journal, I think about this week and what I have accomplished. I focus on day-to-day achievements. Exercising has become a routine for me so far and my diet changes haven't been that hard to maintain.

I am starting to see some small physical changes; that is really exciting. I feel better every day for doing something for myself. Every now and then, I sneak in a diet soda as a reward for myself, but other than that, I am sticking to my diet - more protein and less carbohydrates.

My biggest goal this week was running four miles on Sunday. I didn't think I could do it, but I did. That has motivated me to keep moving this week. I have tried spin class and toning class this week as well as running. I hope that this will turn into habits that I can easily maintain.

Right now, I am exercising about 30-40 minutes a day, four days a week. During the weekend, I try to go for about an hour-run. I usually take off one day on the weekend to spend with my family and one night during the week as a rest for myself. For those of you saying "that sounds great but I don't have the time" - I felt the same way. I am learning that taking a little bit of time for myself reaps so many rewards like sleeping better, playing more with my daughter, and a more positive attitude. Just try one or two days a week even - find a buddy and start moving.

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