Interstate drivers

Am I missing something? Are the local television news shows paying people to drive off the road so they'll have something for the evening newscast? Must be so because not only has the weather been less severe the past handful of years, but road maintenance has, in large measure, strode mightily regarding effectiveness toward drivability. It seems the better the roads are, overall, the more you go off them. It's kind of like the more information we have on eating a healthy diet, the fatter and less healthy we become.

I feel for the police and highway/driving safety teams. It can't be fun risking your life teetering about up on the interstate freeway in horribly frigid conditions, hand-holding yet another shivering dufus while they cry frozen tears onto your uniform and blurt: "There was nothing I could do, all of a sudden I was twirling off the road."

Well shivering dufi, there is something you can do-in fact, there are lots of somethings you can do to avoid driving off the interstate or any road. The list is endless, I'll jot down a handful. Thank me at the rest area.

To be continued...

However, I'll leave you with something my Dad used to tell me when I'd bring home a new auto or motorcycle. Just after he'd compliment me and my new rig, he'd say: "That's a beautiful machine. See it there? Look at it, use it and enjoy it. But remember, that machine will only do what you make it do. Use your head, operate it well, and respect it, and you'll never have a problem." Easier said than done for more Vermont drivers than any of us care to admit.

Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act "The Logger." His column appears weekly. He can be reached at rustyd@pshift.com. Listen for The Logger, Rusty DeWees, Thursdays at 7:40 on the Big Station, 98.9 WOKO or visit his website at www.thelogger.com

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