The Outlook Musician's Spotlight Shines on GMP - Grieco, Morton & Peters

RFS: What are your individual influences? What did you listen to growing up, and what new music are you listening to now?

Mark: My parents were "folkies" so I grew up with Dylan, Joan Baez, Peter Paul and Mary, and the like. Current influences range from Daniel Lanois and Chris Whitley to the Subdudes and the Neville Brothers, as well as traditional and vocal music.

Jesse: Like Mark, I grew up surrounded primarily by folk and classical music. I heard Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, jazz, blues, Bonnie Raitt and classical music around the house, along with a heavy dose of 70s A.M. radio in the car. I was hooked by rock from the start-I remember loving The Cars and Joan Jett as a fifth grader, then getting into Queen, Yes and eventually Led Zep, David Bowie and all the great guitarists, past and present. Currently I'm listening to old rock circa the 50s, John Coltrane and whatever's on Prairie Home Companion. I love the new crop of great bluegrass players, like Chris Thiele. I like Brad Paisley, too.

Tim: Earthy and funky drummers are my big influences. Chiefly Richie Hayward of Little Feat, Ginger Baker and Jim Keltner. Growing up, I listened to Little Feat, Zeppelin, ZZ Top and endlessy to Hank Mobley's album "The Flip." Porcupine Tree and Medeski, Martin and Wood are my favorite "new" music but I also love John Mayer, John Hammond, The Subdudes and anything with Ginger Baker on it

RFS: Mark, I know you do some shape note singing. Do you incorporate that into any of your work with GMP? There is a group, Grizzly Bear, that is making quite an impact with their vocals, and they have a background with shape note and other types of vocal work. Have you heard them?

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