The Outlook Musician's Spotlight Shines on GMP - Grieco, Morton & Peters

Jesse: I agree with Mark. There are a good number of bands and solo acts here, which I think is great. The more the merrier - there's room for all of us. I want to see more mutual reinforcement - we need to support each other, not dis each other.

Sam Talmadge is gonna be a force on the guitar, Matt McGrail is going for it with his new album and a good following in Keene. There are many talented folks around here, and many eager listeners to go along with them. I see it as kind of a united-we-stand situation in a little area like this. Get out there, support someone you've never heard before and be positive!

RFS: What are your musical backgrounds?

Mark: Been singing all my life, long ago played guitar and sang in coffe houses, was the bass player/vocalist in Root Notes and the Originals, and have been singing choral folk music with various groups for the last 18 years.

Jesse: I've been playing guitar since 9th grade and singing all my life, though I didn't combine the two 'til I was a senior, when I also wrote my first song. I played acoustic from the start as well as electric. I'm pretty eclectic, both in my tastes and writing style. I studied jazz in college and simultaneously was playing acoustic music in coffee houses, and remain committed to a mix of styles.

Tim: I grew up in a musical family. As a kid in Brattleboro in the 70's it was not uncommon to have two or three different bands practicing in our huge old Oak Street house. Probably explains my dad's numerous trips to the Elks Club! My big break came when I studied with Gerry James at the Brattleboro Music School in the late 70's. I learned from him to treat the drums as an instrument and to contribute to the song. I have played in many bands in a number of styles including county, blues , R & B, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal (not fun!), Swing and Pop. Popular acts I've been in preveous to GMP include The MorTones, The Jacksonville Blues Band and After Hours.

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