Shining a light on your garden is simple

Now the holiday season is done, our yards, doorways, and gardens are once again dark early in the winter evenings. By adding some simple non-holiday lighting to your garden you can enhance the look of your home and create a stunning night design for any season. Three simple ways to do so are with solar lights, spotlights, and accent lights.

Lightening outdoor gardens with solar lights creates a soft light at dusk and into the evening. These lights can be simple path markers or more elaborate and decorative designs. For garden walkways, simply line the walkway every one to two feet with a solar light or randomly scatter the lights along the path. Alternatively, you can place solar lights in the font of a garden bed near low-growing plants so they shine through the flowers or plants. These lights also look nice under shade trees, around any ground covers or accent plants growing under the tree.

Spotlights look lovely lighting up large trees with character such as birch or oak. You can choose between a solar spotlight or one that requires an electrical outlet. To use a spotlight, simply insert the light into the ground so light shines up onto the trunk of the tree and through the canopy. Depending on the size of the tree, you may wish to use two spotlights - one on either side of the trunk. Spotlights can also be used with shrubs or to light up accent plantings. As an added benefit, spotlights can also help light up the house to boost security around your home.

Another way to use lights outdoors is with accent lights. Simply attach a string of outdoor lights under arbors, pergolas, or porches. During the summer, these lights beckon you outside to enjoy an evening meal with friends and family. During the dark winter months, these lights brighten up the garden and allow you to reminisce about the summer months spent in the garden.

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