Athol-Thurman 1/16

Doris Bunker of Drexel Rd. has been a busy lady over the holidays. Her daughter Cathy Clark drove up from Pennsylvania, then her grandson Josh Brown visited and stayed for a week. Josh now lives in Scotland. Doris enjoyed her busy days, we hear.

Bert Wilde of River Rd. has returned home after a long stay with her daughter and family Valerie Smarro in Williamsport, Indiana. Bert spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years there and returned home with son Jim doing most of the driving through the many snow storms along the way on Jan. 5.

Youth group seeks to launch activities

During the week, plus, between Christmas and Jan. 4 did anyone in their travels throughout the town see any children out playing in the snow, building snowmen, or riding down hill, or even out walking or sliding on the ice?

Twenty years ago our children would have been spending much of their vacation time outside, and my column would have included a notice to drivers to be cautious and drive with care, with so many out playing during their school vacation.

Now the kids have disappeared. They all seem to have Play-Stations, Game-Boys, computers, a television in every room, etc. and never seem to be outside playing.

Instead of skating or sledding, they're likely to be inside updating their Facebook page, sending text messages to friends or playing some Internet-based game - if their not busy with their X-Box console.

We have the antidote! We know how children can get a taste of real life. Here's the concept:

The Thurman Youth Commission would like to have children call about some fun activities in which they'd be interested. Let Maria know at 623-9961. She may need your help in getting them started, and your children will likely be able to help organize some real fun, too!

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