Lincoln receives $14,000 in ditching funds

LINCOLN - The Town of Lincoln recently received two $7,000 grants from Vermont Better Backroads, through Northern Vermont Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. The grants were for ditching on York Hill Road and the Page Hill section of South Lincoln Road.

On York Hill Road, ditches had filled in with sand and silt. When heavy rain or snowmelt occurred the ditches overflowed, causing water and silt to run across the road and down into the nearby New Haven River. The grant allowed the Town to clear the ditch, line it with ditch stone, seed and mulch it, minimizing further erosion of sand and silt into the River.

Page Hill experienced similar problems, with the additional issue of oil and gas residue from the pavement running down the road into the river as well. About 1,300 feet of ditch was cleared, lined with erosion matting and stone, and then seeded. Again, the ditch work will help maintain the quality of water in the New Haven River by keeping sand, silt and road toxins entering the river to a minimum.

"We really appreciate the support we get from Better Back Roads," said Lincoln Selectboard member Barb Rainville, "These grants allow us to do work the Town otherwise couldn't afford to do. The people at Better Back Roads are great to work with, too. They make a positive difference for so many towns struggling to get important work done."

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