The collapse of the "global warming" scam

And since the whole edifice of human-caused "global warming" (rechristened "climate change" when warming failed to appear) is erected upon essentially the same raw data, the discovery of the deliberate corruption of that data destroys the alleged scientific basis for anthropogenic global warming. It also fatally undermines the political pressure for supranational controls over energy and economies so long urged by socialists and special interests of various stripes.

This is very bad news for the global warming crowd, from President Obama to Sen. Sanders, the big business Climate Action Group, Vermont Senate President Peter Shumlin, VPIRG, propagandist Bill McKibben, and the protesters in polar bear suits roaming the state house lawn.

But it's good news for the inhabitants of Planet Earth, who will now likely be spared a new world energy government promulgating economically destructive mandates, taxes and rationing on the world's struggling economy. Not a moment too soon.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute (www.ethanallen.org).

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