The collapse of the "global warming" scam

In 2007 Al Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize for his films and lectures, that were so bad that a British court held that they could not be shown to schoolchildren without correction of the nine glaring scientific errors contained therein. Gore shared the prize with the IPCC itself.

All the while the warmists were conspiring to deride any scientist who failed to buy into the warming hysteria. They denied them space in scientific journals, kept them off of conference agendas, and shouted "the science is settled" whenever skeptics raised an objection.

But the Earth refused to cooperate. Since the El Nino temperature spike of 1998, the computer predicted global warming failed to appear. Just as the critics had said all along, the climate models are billions of dollars worth of rubbish.

In mid-November unknown persons hacked into the files of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, one of the leading research centers that the IPCC relied upon for its scary predictions. This brought to light over three thousand email messages among the most prominent scientists engaged in this scam.

In them the conspirators discussed how they falsified the models to "hide the decline" and preserve the threat of Al Gore's Heat Death. They discussed keeping dissenting science out of prestigious journals and, it turns out, reported that they had deleted some raw data used in their modeling before anybody used the Freedom of Information Act to review it.

Now scientists not in on this scam have begun to penetrate the data. In the leading instance, Darwin Zero from North Australia, they discovered that the CRU "adjusted" the data not just to allow for relocating weather stations, but by simply adding degrees to make cooling trends into warming trends. Wrote one Australian scientist, "they are indisputable evidence that the 'homogenized' data has been changed to fit someone's preconceptions about whether the earth is warming." There's a name for this: fraud.

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