Dogs really are man and woman's best friend

When Luka was stricken with painful, malignant cancer in old age, my wife decided that because Luka had shown her such devotion, she would bring her to the vet to stop her pain. That was a sad and difficult day for my wife and our family; we had truly lost a member of our family. We still think of Luka and have Luka's picture in a privileged position in our home.

About five years ago, two Golden retrievers, Jazz and Rooney came into our lives. Rooney is a cinnamon-colored pretty-boy; always the poser with his forever puppy face. Jazz, lighter in color is the wise dog. Jazz has those sad, loving eyes that compel you to get down on one knee to hug her. If you ever have the good fortune to meet Jazz, she will welcome you and sit close to you so you can enjoy her loving energy.

Dogs don't hold grudges, are blind to color and don't care how important you are. The world would certainly be a better place we all acted more like dogs. Depending on your perspective, Jazz does have one unsettling behavior; she is a butt-sniffer. Given some of the people that I've known over the years, if their worst offense was butt-sniffing, they would rise in stature by good measure Remember all kids count.

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