Black Point sewer on line

TICONDEROGA - Two hundred and fifty septic systems in the towns of Ticonderoga and Putnam, some in very close proximity to Lake George, are slowly being taken out of service as Lake George's newest municipal sewer district becomes active.

Residents along Black Point Road were informed in late November that they can begin to hook up to the newly-constructed municipal system.

"We can hardly believe it has finally happened," said Tom Morhouse, president of the Black Point Road Civic Association. "The BPRCA has been spearheading this project for the better part of 20 years now, and we're very excited about the end result. There were many setbacks, but it has finally come together."

"This is great news for Lake George," according to Lake George Association Executive Director Walt Lender, who lives in the new sewer district. "The most reasonable and effective solution to the aging and failing septic systems around Lake George is to collect the effluent and treat it in a municipal system. Many of the current systems were built for old seasonal camps and have long outlived their ability. Without ordinances in place that ensure regular inspections and upgrades, there is no way of knowing when these older systems stop working properly and start leaking into the lake. Many residents had resorted to holding tanks, but that's an impractical and costly alternative. This system was a costly investment, but we need to do all we can to protect Lake George as our major drinking water source. The LGA has supported this project since its inception."

This system protects over five miles of lakeshore from the pollution, harmful nutrients and bacteria that leach out of failing septic systems, promote algae and aquatic plant growth, and degrade water quality, according to LGA Director of Education Emily DeBolt.

"We gave Ti supervisor Bob Dedrick an award at his final town board meeting for all his help making the project happen. We wanted to honor him before he retired," said Barbara McLaughlin, BPRCA secretary.

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