News from the Springfield Family Center

For at least the third year in a row, Peter Kendall has conducted a fundraising campaign for the Springfield Family Center. All year long he saves change, asks for donations and fills a jar with cash for the Center. At Christmas time when he awards the proceeds his father, Paul matches his savings.

This year the donation amounted to over $600. As Paul cheerfully says, "Peter's doing too good a job and it's costing me more money." Peter has already begun fundraising for next year. How pleased we are to know that there exists among today's youth, those that really live the Christmas spirit all year long.


Employees at IVEK took up a collection to give to their manager, Mark Tanny, for the Holidays. Mark in turn donated the money to the Springfield Family Center to help feed the hungry. The amount of $320 was donated that will make all the difference to change the holiday season for many others. Our grateful admiration goes to both parties.

Gift from Elm Hill Teaching Staff

Instead of spending money on a holiday party, the Staff at Elm Hill School donated the money that would have been spent to help the Family Center make others' holiday a nicer one. Some $250 was donated and many good wishes. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and community spirit.

We Have Coats

Thanks to the Elks Club that recently held a coat drive and gathered 300 coats of all shapes and sizes for the center to distribute.

If you need outerwear, come to the center and look over our stock.

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