The term "Animal Shelter" does not always bring to mind a positive image. I volunteered at a shelter as a child where kittens were euthanized in the room adjacent to where I was cleaning cages, and dogs often went without walks for days. Although I believed my efforts made some difference in the quality of lives of those animals, it did leave me with some very negative associations with shelters in general.

If you visit the NCSPCA, you will find a far different picture. Although the facility is noisy and full of activity, there is a sense that the shelter workers truly value the well-being of each of the animals in their care. Dogs receive daily walks and plenty of attention, both from staff and volunteers. Cats have the opportunity to play with toys and a little one-on-one time with staff. The shelter pets are clean, healthy, and comfortable. In addition, the NCSPCA has a no-kill policy; animals are euthanized only when our veterinarians cannot relieve suffering or when aggressive behavior makes an animal so dangerous that it cannot be adopted. Applicants for adoptions are carefully screened to be sure that each animal is paired with responsible and caring individuals in a home environment that is a good match for the animal's personality and needs.

Our featured pet this week is Allana, a sweet-tempered, Domestic Shorthair-mix Tabby who would be a wonderful addition to nearly any home. She has a loving nature and sometimes forgets she is a grown-up cat she loves to play as much as she enjoys a good cuddle! Allana enjoys the company of both children and adults, as long as she can be the center of attention.

If you would like to learn more about the NCSPCA's commitment to being a no-kill shelter, as well as a safe haven for animals who have suffered abuse or neglect, please contact us at 962-8604, then come on by to make a new friend!

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