UNYTEA dissatisfied with Congressman Owens

When reached for comment, Sean Magers, a representative from Owens' office, said much of Barie's information is "factually incorrect."

In reference to House Resolution 4173 and Barie's allegation it will bailout corporations like AIG, Magers said that's not the case.

"This bill would do the exact opposite, and this statement is 100 percent false," Magers said in a statement. "It holds Wall Street and big banks accountable for creating the mess we're in by ending the practice of 'Too Big To Fail; and by creating new procedures to unwind failing companies - paid for by the financial industry and not the taxpayer."

Seven of the major annual spending bills Congress approves annually were done so before Owens took office, added Magers.

When asked about Barie's condemnation of Owens' voting record, Magers questioned what Barie considers to be bad spending.

"I'm interested as to what bills Barie's using in this equation," stated Magers. "Is all spending bad? Funding for fire departments? Pay raise for troops? Body armor for Fort Drum soldiers?"

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