UNYTEA dissatisfied with Congressman Owens

Stating as an example of Owens' disturbing voting record, Barie used House Resolution 4173, supported by Owens and written by Barney Frank, that would make the bailout policies used for AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors and Chrysler permanent.

"The cost of that new law will probably never be fully known," Barie said.

Barie also claims the legislation will benefit the American Bar Association, as it restricts the use of arbitration to settle disputes arising from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, thus forcing investors to seek more expensive legal counsel.

"Despite his record," noted Barie, "Mr. Owens wants you to think that he is a fiscal conservative ... but his voting record is crystal clear. He has joined the ranks of the tax and spend liberals from both parties who in the last decade or so have brought our nation to the brink of financial disaster."

"Some people have accused members of Congress of spending money like drunken sailors," he added, "but that's an insult to sailors because sailors spend their own money ... and these are taxpayers' dollars."

Barie invited North Country residents who are "sick and tired of picking up the tab for big spending politicians" to join the UNYTEA coalition. He pointed out UNYTEA is not a political party, nor does it align itself with either Republicans or Democrats. The main focus of the group is to lower taxes, control government spending and government growth.

Barie also reported all four candidates for the Republican nomination to run against Owens in November 2010 have agreed to appear at a candidates forum, hosted by UNYTEA. The forum is scheduled to take place in late March.

"UNYTEA will play a significant role in the November elections," predicted Barie. "Our goal is to elect a congressman who understands the need for less spending and lower taxes."

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