Are girls becoming more violent?

One thread of reasoning is that women are becoming more "man like." They are becoming our highest performing students, they are becoming more prominent in the world of sports, they are becoming more prominent in the political realm and are increasingly the CEO's at Fortune 500 companies and not just the secretary. Do these changes necessarily mean that women are destined to follow men's more aggressive and violent path? I believe that this is yet to be determined.

The perceived changes in aggressive behaviors among girls should be closely monitored. If it is determined that these changes are advancing then we should intervene to address those changes. Girl aggression is still more dominated by exclusion behaviors, verbal insults and an array of psychological warfare tactics. Most girls are not physically assaulting each other.

While the Seattle video raises many concerns, I believe that girl-on-girl violence is not the first priority. Finding out why no one helped a defenseless girl who was savagely beaten in the sight of many should be our first priority. Remember all kids count.

Scot Hurlburt can be reached by e-mail at hurlburt@wildblue.net

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