Michelle in the spotlight

If he quit, he could run. Well, the story goes, he did quit-for a while-and now he's back at it. From what I've heard and read, Michelle was a hard sell regarding Barack's running for president (when quitting smoking is a deal breaker, you're reaching, no?)

If Barack ran, let alone won, Michelle's interest in raising her family-around-the-dinner-table, would be threatened by a dad on the road 24-7.

I suspect Michelle feels the best, most interesting, and important developmental years of her family's life are passing too fast-as if in a dream-tempered and blanketed by the otherworldly odd and freakish structure that a First Family lives. What a waste of the best years of your family life it is to be stuck with your husband, and your children's father, being president. What a mess. What a mess. I see Michelle Obama thinking these kinds of things and more.

I never felt this way about Laura Bush or Lynne Cheney or, God almighty knows, Hilary Clinton. Not that I didn't care about how those ladies were feeling when their respective husbands were president and vice president-it's just that it didn't occur to me that they might be feeling anything but fine about the position's they were in.

I think Hilary was aware her daughter faced interesting challenges being brought up as a First Kid; I think history shows they dealt with those challenges well. I just don't think Hilary was wishing for a lifestyle other than the one she was living as the president's wife in the White House. Hilary saw challenges in the lifestyle; Michelle sees burdens.

We're programmed to think life on the top, such as living as the First Family in the White House for gosh sakes, is the cat's meow. Maybe it's not. Maybe Michelle is riding around in the presidential motorcade wondering what the hell is going on?

Ask Michelle if she'd like to see her husband reelected; if she was able to tap her gut core for the answer, I would not be surprised if she'd say something like, "Not really, no." But I may be way off.

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