Gloriosky, Zero!

I never saw such an event while an occasional Golden Dome visitor in recent years (and I'm sure not one any more), but I've not heard of a single "Gloriosky, Zero!" outburst from any Golden Dome professional-not when faced with taxes and housing, business shrinkage and transfer-payment growth, and Vermont's private sector distaste for the results. Not one legislator said, "Gloriosky, Zero!-we never thought that upzoning would raise housing costs!"

Since there wasn't a single Golden Domer to display a Little Annie moment, I conclude that there wasn't a single Domer surprised (or displeased) by the results of the policies which they consciously voted to put in place.

Similarly, I've not heard of a single instance of apology for unintended outcomes stemming from Progressive policies such as raising taxes to fund smaller classes (which, over 40 years, haven't improved student achievement as promised).

The quote that you might have heard would have gone something like this-

"Gee whiz! We really thought-based on expert educator advice-that increasing public education staff, even as enrollments have declined, would have paid off in better test scores. It didn't, we're sorry, and we'll get back to a more cost-effective staffing pattern".

Nor, on housing affordability, have I heard a quote like this-

"Gee whiz! We really thought-based on expert land-use-planner advice-that encouraging local planning boards to upzone and introduce ever more conditional-use prescriptions would result in a desirable growth of housing and small business investment. It didn't, we're sorry, and we'll get back to more transparent planning and zoning rules."

Nor, on outmigration of young families with children, the middle-class in general, or the upper-income quintile fleeing anticipated targeted (on them) tax increases-

"Gee whiz! We didn't think that our policy decisions would drive away these critical-to-our-future demographic sectors. We realize our mistake, we apologize, and we'll reverse these policies".

You can summarize your reasoning process with this: when policies promised as productive produce observable results you consider destructive, what's left is a pleased celebration of above-average-intelligence Golden Domer policy: "We're getting the results we've wanted all along."

Former Vermonter Martin Harris lives in Tennessee.

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