All those winter toys people enjoy (snowmobiles, skis, sleds, skates, etc.) are not getting much of any use here in our area right now as we have little or no snow or ice to speak of. The students have some time off this week and usually like to get out doors, they will have to look for other kinds of fun this week.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and got some nice surprises. It is hard to realize that our Lenten season starts this week with Ash Wednesday Ecumenical service, Easter will be here before we are ready. The Willsboro United Methodist Church will be having another of their winter specials Sat. March 13th. This year it is "The Barnyard Follies" with a lot of humor after a great Chicken & Biscuit meal. Tickets are $10 each and there is limited seating, so if you would like to attend, get a hold of a member of the church for tickets very soon.

The Willsboro Methodist Church welcomed two transfer memberships into the church this past Sunday: Dorothy Hoke and Ruth Pytlak, both very welcomed additions to our church family. I heard that a few of our local citizens are enjoying a cruise this past week.

I have always disliked "graffiti" plasters across public areas, but I had a much different outlook this past week as I had to stop at a railroad crossing and watch a freight train pass by. Well over half of them had great graffiti markings on the otherwise dull train sides. I decided that was a good place to put their art work on display as these trains travel the countryside. Received word that another former Willsboro Alumni, Pola (Nowak) Yolles died Feb. 8 in the Albany area. She never forgot her growing up here in the Willsboro area and did return on a regular basis, so she will be missed in the days ahead. Her full obit was in the Sunday Press Republican, she had many interest and was a very involved person over her life time.

Happy Birthday to Alan Hutchins 2/21, Hunter Whalen 2/21, Alex Shepard 2/22, Jackie Wade 2/22, Lorena Hanna 2/23, John Sayward 2/23, Mae Mero 2/23, Sandy Delaney 2/25, Lauren Page 2/26, Cleo Lobdell 2/28, Rolland Mitchell 2/28. Happy Anniversary to James & Tina Hotaling 2/22.

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