Westport 2/20

This has been a great winter for, say, those of us who drive a plowtruck, and to a certain extent I can sympathize. I'm not sure I'd want to pull a long night shift with blowing snow rushing at me in the headlights and little else visible at all. On the other hand, if you're not plowing, you're not riding your sled on your day off, either.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if the rest of the country was in the same boat. But personally I'm tired of hearing about how much snow everyone else is getting this year. I imagine the good people of Vancouver probably feel the same way. Huge blizzards rolling up the east coast in places like Virginia and D.C., where they simply don't appreciate it (or know how to deal with it). Even Burlington gets 33 inches in one shot, while right across the lake we get-what? A "dusting!"

I'm tired of all these "dustings." I want some serious snow, and I want it now! The window of opportunity is closing. Before it's too late, I want to take the dogs out for a ski up Stacey Brook or Split Rock. I want to break out the snow shoes and head up the Coon. I want to flounder around in knee-deep powder, see the Westport Hills white and gleaming under a clear blue sky, and steer around lots of big fresh snowbanks all over town. Is that too much to ask?

A person should not be thinking of fixing that flat bicycle tire in mid-February. It's not natural. I try to resist it. And yet that's where I find my thoughts going as I ponder the snowless roads and fields.

I hear from Nancy Decker that the Heritage House committee is gearing up for summer, too. They currently have about 15 people on their advisory committee, and they're looking for more interested members of the community to join. The committee is the "brainstorming" group, which is tasked with coming up with new ideas for how we can best use this great resource. Committee members will also help out with specific projects that the Heritage House is involved with. One of the biggest projects is the new Visitors Center in the Heritage House, which will soon be opening for its second summer. The center is staffed during its open hours by "ambassadors" from the community, volunteers who answer questions and offer suggestions to visitors who are new to our beautiful town. If you'd like to get involved with the Heritage House this year, please call Nancy Decker at 962-4805. Now is the perfect time.

Here's a reminder about the senior / community luncheon at Dogwood Bread Company in Wadhams on Tuesday, Feb. 23, from noon to 2 p.m., featuring lasagna, sausages and peppers, salad, dessert, and coffee or tea. It's sponsored by Northwaters and Langskib Wilderness Programs, and all donations will go the Christopher Emmet Hallowell Fund.

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