School hails athlete Roth as she signs up for Div. 1 hockey

Roth was a major element of that 2007 team that fought into the state finals, and other teams WCS that won local and regional honors. Also, she's been a standout on both the WCS Softball team and on the school's wrestling team, often winning against musclebound male competitors.

Minutes after the signing ceremony, Abby Roth's Warrensburg field hockey coach Mary ann Bump cut into a congratulatory cake and served it to Roth's fans - fellow students.

"She'll set a fire there at Central Michigan like she did here - as a catalyst for our teams," Bump said. "She has an outstanding work ethic - wanting to do the very best, whether it's a sprint or scoring a goal, her efforts are all-out 100 percent. She was always the 'flash-and-dash,' the hot sauce on our team."

Later, Abby recalled that she'd grown up with a hockey stick in her hand, playing with a miniature stick since she could walk. Her mother Bonnie was an assistant Varsity coach at WCS.

In second grade, she showed her at the WCS field hockey Play Day, sparring with the recruits from the fourth through sixth grades.

Then in 2001, she followed the WCS varsity team to the State Championship finals, and served as ball girl.

"Riding the bus with the Varsity players was just the best time," Roth recalled. "I wanted to be just like them."

As the crowd of her fellow students began to dissipate, Roth looked at the jammed hallway.

"This kind of support feels good," she said. "It's nice to grow up in a small town, where everyone is so close - I'll miss everyone when I'm at college."

Roth changed her focus, gazing out the door.

"But I'm excited to go; I can't wait to play field hockey - I've wanted this ever since I was in third grade."

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